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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
Total Procurement Solution
  What is TPS?
TPS stands for Total Procurement Solution. It is the electronic procurement system from RealMarine.


What exactly does TPS do?
Onboard, TPS allows products to be researched, requisitions created, and sent to the home office for approval. The shipboard module, which is loaded from a CD-ROM containing the application and catalog data, allows order tracking and history, as well as delivery verification.

TPS, because of its high-level security features, protects all data. Only encrypted data is sent and PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) is used to prevent unauthorized access to commercially sensitive information.


Is this the same as other e-commerce sites?
Developed within the industry by a ship management company (Wallem) in cooperation with a major supplier (Drew) and not by a dot com entrepreneur looking for a new market to exploit, TPS enjoys a unique lineage that makes it long-term customer-oriented -- with service and efficiency goals, not quarterly revenue targets.

The association of Wallem and Drew brings a new level of neutrality to the e-procurement segment of the maritime industry. In addition to being neutral, the business model is very secure.

  I understand TPS is free. Is this true?
Yes. TPS is free during what we are calling the validation phase. Here's why: RealMarine believes there is great potential in maritime e-commerce. However, we believe nobody has the right answer at this time. We have a robust system, strong financial commitment, an experienced management team and a long history of participating in the maritime market. We believe that if we combine these attributes with your input, we will have the best electronic procurement system in the industry, and while we're validating our system, we are not charging for it. When we and our customers think the system is ready, we will negotiate a fair price for the service. But at this time, we're not even sure what the market is willing to pay for a service like TPS.


Are you financed by special interests?
We are self-financed. We think this makes us the most independent e-commerce company in the industry We do not need to go to the capital markets for financing. Therefore we believe we can remain independent and balanced.

  Will I be able to connect with all my suppliers, including Drew's and Wallem's competitors?
Yes. And your transactions are completely secure. You are the only one who has access to your data.


Why is my data secure? Nobody else seems to be willing to say this. Will Wallem know all my business, will Drew?
All data is secure. TPS uses Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) government-level security with encrypted messaging. No one, but you, will decide who has access to your data. PKI works like a safety deposit box. There are two keys. You have one and RealMarine has the other. Nobody can gain access to your data without your certificate/private key.

  What about my suppliers, will you offer integration support to them?
Yes. An isolated system will not achieve the process efficiencies we envision.


How do I get started with TPS?
Contact your Drew/RMS representative, or send us an email. You will receive a CD-ROM, the Help Desk contact information, a manual, and, if you want, a personal visit to help you get started. Because the system is free during the validation phase, we want to work closely with you to understand how you want to use the system and how we can make it better.